The Eco-friendly Armor That 90% of Athletes Forget About In Diablo II – Behemoth

Mammoth is an unique Sea serpent Layer body system armor with d2 items incredibly higher Protection, a big Toughness incentive as well as extremely nice Bodily Resistance.

For Step ladder Characters Merely.

The Stats:

Protection: 1514-1722

Required Degree: 65

Required Strength: 174

+170 -200% Enriched Protection

+100 -150 Defense

+40 -50 To Toughness

Damage Decreased By 15-25%.


+170 -200% Boosted Protection.

+100 -150 Self defense.

Matched up to other special armors in the activity, Behemoth possesses one of the greatest Self defense, and also is actually a great option for fray personalities. A Paladin that uses the Unruliness Mood to strengthen his (which of this gathering’s) Defense benefits from an armor along with a higher Self defense because of the % benefit coming from Defiance.

+40 -50 To Stamina.

Mammoth uses a large improvement to Toughness, as well as its own improvement is actually perhaps on the most extensive in the activity. Along with a +40 -50 bonus offer to Strength, this implies that your character can eventually place on some items that she is actually inhibited her store due to her certainly not satisfying the Toughness demands. And also what this likewise suggests is actually that you can easily invest the 40-50 factors that you would have spent to meet those needs in to Vigor rather, and also thereby obtain additional favorite aspects. Having additional lifestyle in Diablo 2 is actually always, constantly a good thing.

Harm Reduced Through 15-25%.

Behemoth is among the few products in the video game that delivers a % Physical damages resistance. The others are actually Creature ofthe night’s Gaze, Shaftstop, Cord of Ears, Verdungo’s cable, Buffoon Peak as well as Stormshield.

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